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What Teachers Have Been Saying
about History on Wheels

Teacher Comments from 2014-2015:

A very engaging program for all learners. (Ralph R. Smith)

Attention all fourth grade teachers! I would like to attest to the facts that Mr. Albert's History on Wheels programs blend and support the Common Core ELA Modules in so many ways. Do not hesitate to welcome these marvelous programs into your classrooms. (North Park Elementary)

The questions on the Canals of the Hudson were a little too high for our students; the majority of our students are low poverty with severe learning disabilities. However, the Colonial Covers was perfect for them. The visuals really helped all learners focus and understand the content of the stories. They really made the stories come to life. The students were able to make connections throughout the remainder of the school year. (Horizons on the Hudson)

History on Wheels is an in-school program that supplements the history curriculum in our classroom. The hands-on lessons were very engaging for our students, who range from general education students to students with special needs. (North Park)

Mr. Albert has visited my classroom for several years. The students are thoroughly engaged by Mr. Albert's stories and activities. He grabs their attention from the beginning of the program with a story. He involves all of the students from special needs to the high achievers in the activities. My students look forward to his return to the classroom. They retain what they have learned and apply it to the content area. The best part is that they enjoy the program and don't realize they are learning Social Studies. (St. Peter's School)

"History on Wheels" offers dramatic, enthusiastic, educational presentations that engage children in the colonial times of New York. Students look forward to the programs and remember and recall what they have learned from Mr. Albert's unique style of teaching. (Kinry)

History on Wheels has become an important piece of our historical studies. With the implementation of CCSS, the ability to answer detailed questions and make inferences based on historical facts has become an area that students need to be proficient at. The questions that are a central part of these programs naturally guide children to answer higher order questions. The students are engaged in the activities and come away with a better understanding of history. I couldn't imagine a year without Mr. Albert and HOW! (Netherwood)

Mr. Albert's knowledge and enthusiasm is wonderful! He educates and entertains both students and adults in class. Mr. Albert has excellent group management skills, as well. Mr. Albert is extremely knowledgeable about our local history and is able to bring it alive for our students and adults. Mr. Albert presents history as an engaging story - he is able to keep the students interested and enthusiastic throughout the program. Mr. Albert brings a museum to your classroom! The perfect field trip! (E. R. Crosby)

The children in my class love these programs. They cannot wait for the next time that Mr. Albert will be visiting us! The programs bring history alive. Mr. Albert not only knows the history and brings it to life for the children; he is quite skilled at managing even my most difficult classes! (E.R. Crosby)

If you have not experienced History on Wheels you need to. Mr. Albert captivates the students' attention as soon as he walks in the door. The students reference things they learned with him the rest of the year. I highly recommend the programs. (Myer)

Richard Albert's story-telling presentation style is highly engaging and enjoyed by all students. The activities are liked by all and the students really get to understand how the written word was used in the 1600/1700's through Document Detectives and how transportation and industry grew through the canal era in New York. All fourth grade teachers should consider having History on Wheels come to their classrooms. Through the Dutchess BOCES Arts and Education Grants it is very easy to have these in-school workshops funded. Also the workshops enhance social studies lessons through hands-on activities and games to help history come alive for students. (James S. Evans Elementary School)

Mr. Albert is one of the very few people who teach local history with accuracy. It is obvious how well he has researched his material is and how knowledgeable he is. New York State wants us to teach local history - one, which has very little written in child-friendly manner. A local history that requires a teacher to do very deep research to put together a strong, accurate lesson. Mr. Albert, you already did it for us! Thanks. (Robert Graves)

Mr. Albert's enthusiasm about history engaged the students and created an environment where the students were excited about history and learning. The teachers and the students at Netherwood Elementary School are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Albert and his History on Wheels program. In this climate of testing and lack of creativity that New York State has imposed on our children's education, Mr. Albert's program provides and outlet where children are excited to learn. With his hands on and engaging activities, it is a wonderful reminder about what fun learning can be. (Netherwood Elementary School)

This program perfectly supports our 4th grade curriculum. Students are fully engaged and excited to the point they don't realize they're learning so much about local history. It is an interesting, fun and worthwhile program. I highly recommend its use for all 4th grade teachers. (Hagan Spackenkill Elementary)

Every year I look forward to Mr. Albert's engaging programs. He really brings history to life for the kids. Past students remember him and always make sure to peek in and say hi. The students really look forward to his program. (Kinry Road Elementary)

Wonderful! Don't miss them! The information sticks with the students long after the programs have ended. (Robert Graves)

My students loved the program this year. They only wished that they had more time to play. (Hagan)

The students all look forward to "Mr. Albert Days." These programs bring history to life and are the lessons the students will remember for years to come. With all of the mandates put upon teachers the amount of time left for "fun" is limited. Working with History on Wheels and Mr. Albert is a great way to incorporate learning with having fun. The hands on workshops and stories told are the lessons students will remember for years to come. (Netherwood Elementary)

I have been using History on Wheels in my classroom for many years now. Each year, Mr. Albert brings his extensive knowledge of New York State history and his enthusiasm for teaching and, using hands on activities, engages my students in a period of fun and learning! We talk about his lessons long after he is gone and refer back to what was presented often. (Hagan)

Teacher Comments from 2012-2013:

He (Mr Albert) was very entertaining and engaged the class with his humor as they learned about the different programs. The class loved the hands-on. (?)

We always enjoy these programs. The kids learn a lot about colonial times. (Brinckerhoff Elementary)

We love having Mr Albert come to us. Social Studies becomes exciting, relevant and hands on! We love his stories and activities! I highly recommend this program to other teachers. He brings NYS history to life, making it fun & relevant. Mr Albert brings many fun & exciting stories & activities that enables the children to understand and connect with the curriculum. It is a memorable program. (Netherwood Elementary)

When Mr Albert is here, Social Studies comes alive. Material that many find dull and boring becomes a memorable experience! (Netherwood Elementary)

Having Mr Albert back several times really enhances the students' understanding of history. They love history because they connect it to the stories Mr Albert tells and the hands on activities he shares with them. I recommend that other teachers use these programs. The experiences that Mr Albert brings to classroom not only enhances the curriculum, they bring it to life. (Netherwood Elementary)

Teaching is an art. Few people could generate the level of enthusiasm you can for such things as quilts and 18th century penmanship. Your workshops allow children to live their heritage. (Kinry Road Elementary)

When the students were asked their favorite memory of fourth grade, two thirds mentioned one of your programs. Very impressive! Mr Albert is able to enage the reluctant learner so that each child is an active participant in each program. Students enjoy the activities and will refer back to information they learned during the course of the year. (Edson Elementary)

I wanted to let you know that your program has had a lasting effect on many of my students. I cannot even begin to count how many times a student has made a connection to something we are talking about with, "Mr Albert told us that!" or "I remember that from Last Family Standing!" Not only have they talked about it, they have written about it in our class newspaper. You inspired a student to learn more about the Revolutionary War. Hands down, the favorite day for all of my students was the first. They LOVED dressing up as Dutch settlers and getting a chance to use their tools, etc. They ALL liked Last Family Standing the best out of the activities. The students enjoyed the info about Colonial Covers and quilt making. The hands on experiences were just what they needed to try to put themselves into the past, if you will. I was able to connect to this with some comprehension passages I had from Spectrum about quilts. I also read a few stories with quilts in them. Children learned about how slaves often used quilts to help guide them in their journey north. (Seymour Smith Intermediate Learning Center)

Mr Albert is an amazing storyteller and engages the students from the moment he enters the room. He is a natural teacher and manages the class effectively while teaching important parts of local history. Students are actively engaged and having fun while learning about these important topics covered in our 4th grade curriculum. I feel as though my students benefit immensely from participating in these programs. (ER Crosby Elementary)

Teacher Comments from 2011-2012:

Mr. Albert's History on Wheels programs are wonderful. His enthusiasm is very contagious - he has the attention of the students (and adults!) from the second the program begins to it ends. Mr. Albert is able to connect past events to the children's experiences so that they understand and relate to them. It makes them EXCITED about history!! Mr. Albert is so knowledgeable about the history of our area. He brings it alive for students and staff alike. (Crosby Elementary)

Mr. Albert uses humor that the students enjoy. He keeps the students' attention. (Sheafe Rd. Elementary)

History on Wheels is enjoyed tremendously by the children. Mr. Albert is very entertaining and makes history come alive. They can't wait for the next time he comes. (Robert Graves Elementary)

I felt the program was extremely enjoyable and the presenter was educational and entertaining. He was able to capture the students attention while still effectively delivering his instruction. I look forward to seeing History on Wheels again next year. (George Washington Elementary)

The amount of research that is used in order to provide background is above and beyond. This works great as it helps with the presentation and keeping the students engaged. Top notch quality. (Anna Devine Elementary)

I have used the History on Wheels program for years to enrich the fourth grade curriculum. It links directly to New York and local history in a fun and imaginative way. My students look forward to Mr. Albert's visits and I am always amazed at how much early American history they retain from the History on Wheels program. I encourage all teachers to supplement their curriculum with these programs. (St. Peter's School)

My students remember the learning in these programs years after they attended them. How many teachers can brag about that!? (Anna Devine Elementary)

Mr. Albert continues to provide a rich program year after year. We appreciate how he continues to expand and use teacher suggestions for new and improved workshops. (Netherwood Elementary)

I thought it was great! The kids were always excited to see you and hear your captivating story-telling. It really made history come to life. (Montgomery Elementary)

I would highly recommend History on Wheels to anyone trying to bring history alive in their classroom. Mr. Albert is very informative, energetic and engages the students. He has very creative presentations, games, activities and props that allow the students to feel like they are children living in a certain era or period of history. I will definitely use History on Wheels programs to enhance the learning for my students! (JFK Elementary)

Mr. Albert's programs bring enthusiasm and energy to the classroom. He is very knowledgeable and makes the learning fun! He is able to make the content come alive. These programs will enhance your social studies activities. (North Park Elementary)

We have been bringing Mr. Albert and his programs to NPE for years! He is exciting and the programs bring excitement and enthusiasm to the classroom. His programs go along beautifully with the 4th grade curriculum and involve even the most reluctant learners! (North Park Elementary)

Thanks for everything you do. The students really enjoyed both programs (River & Revolution and Scalpel & Sage) and learned a lot from their experience. (Sheafe Rd Elementary)

These programs are always a completely positive experience for my students. They learn a great deal from the stories and expertise of the presenter and, more importantly, retain this information over time. This allows for connections across the curriculum - not only in social studies, but reading, writing, and even science. I would highly recommend the History on Wheels programs to any elementary teacher. (Zena Elementary)

The children love Mr. Albert and look forward to his programs each year. He has the unique gift to get children interested in and excited about handwriting, quilting, medicine and history. Best of all, the children retain what information he presents. (Kinry Road Elementary)

Teacher Comments from 2010-2011:

Mr. Albert's programs engage students in learning history and allowing them to be part of a different time period. The materials and props he brings to each presentation allow students to visualize perspectives of the past. He is a suspenseful storyteller. (Kinry Elementary)

History on Wheels is the answer to field trip dilemmas. No bus or chaperones needed. The children are captivated by the hands on activities and talk about it for weeks after the visit. They learn a lot and have fund doing it. (Coxsackie Elementary)

Mr. Albert showed great commitment to his work and making sure the students of all levels were engaged. The students, as well as the teachers, enjoyed his enthusiasm for History. The students had higher-level thinking activities as well as on 4th grade level thinking to answer and complete. Mr Albert provided a game atmosphere with competition concepts staying at a minimum so that the History Facts did not get lost. This whole program was a terrific reinforcement for our 4th grade Social Studies curriculum. (Fishkill Plains Elementary)

A superior program for engaging young learners in Colonial history. (Kinry Elementary)

I was very pleased with the ease of organizing this program for the students. I was able to see part of the Document Detectives program and was amazed how the 5th graders were totally engaged. There was nothing but positive feedback from all the students. Thank you so much. (Chester Elementary)

Wonderful program! The kids loved Document Detectives. (Chester Elementary)

We have been having Mr. Albert's History on Wheels programs come to our school for several years. Mr. Albert is able to catch the students' attention and enthusiasm immediately, and keep it. The programs are all well organized and interesting. They go along beautifully with, and enrich, the New York State curriculum for fourth grade! They are easily scheduled to coincide with, and enrich, the curriculum as each topic is covered. My students enjoy Mr. Albert's programs and look forward to each new one! (North Park Elementary)

History on Wheels is an absolutely amazing program! The hands on activities are engaging and entertaining. The content immediately comes alive and students will continue to make connections long after Mr. Albert's visit. All students will benefit from these experiences. (North Park Elementary)

Our students really enjoy Mr. Albert's visits. He interacts well with the students and makes history come alive. I appreciate the in-depth research he completed to make his programs accurate and authentic. (Coxsackie Elementary)

History on Wheels provides students with a different aspect of the past beyond the textbook. Through art, artifacts, and primary documentation, History on Wheels brings meaning and understanding of the past. The new program, New Netherlands' Children, provides many tactile opportunities such as creating a human time line using a rope and clothespins really allows the students to feel the expanse of time. Carrying wooden water buckets to bring home the idea of ''heavy'' and actually playing with toys of that time period. The PowerPoint lesson was a nice way to share large artifacts with the students. The lesson was followed up by an interactive, historically accurate game called "Last Family Standing." My students were engaged, excited, and learned! (George Washington Elementary)

The children look forward to Mr. Albert's presentations. He involves them in the programs and has a good balance of information and entertainment. (Kinry Elementary)

Mr. Albert is an engaging presenter! The kids find him very amusing and entertaining! (Marlboro)

Presenter was engaging - great sense of humor! Students really enjoyed trying to figure out the document as well as writing with the quill pens. Outstanding - Thank you! (Chester Elementary)

This (River & Revolution) was a great program - it really reinforced and introduced new concepts covered in 4th grade Social Studies. (Fishkill Plains Elementary)

Everyone was involved; they were excited and seemed to enjoy the whole program. (Fishkill Plains)

Great way to involve students with history! (Chester Elementary)
























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