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What Students Had to Say
about History on Wheels: 2012-2013

Students from Crosby Elementary School said:

It's a fun way to learn about history. Mr. Albert makes it fun. I have learned a lot of things about history that I never knew. He shows interesting things from way back when.

It is a great way to learn about Social Studies and Science in the 1800's. I enjoyed how Mr. Albert brought in items to show us and play with us while teaching us about history and science.

It was a great way to learn. Mr. Albert made the learning very funny. He made history fun by playing games with us.

He showed us what it would be like to live in the 1800's. He made it easy to understand how life was in that time instead of just reading books.

Students from Zena Elementary School said:

I liked the games we played. For example the American Revolution game with the people and the big map.

I was very interesting when you showed us how people did medicine back then. I still wished that you could take blood from Gaetano's arm. I can't believe there is such a thing as a tapeworm.

I wish that you didn't have to stop coming to tell us about history. We learned a lot from you. THANX!

Your program was really fun and I learned a lot! My favorite program was what we did with the medicine. Thank you for teaching us the history of where we live!!

I love History on Wheels. Social Studies is my favorite subject. So I like learning about the past. One of my favorite times when we were doing History on Wheels was the time when you taught us how to be the doctors in the 18th century. I loved the Revolutionary War game too. Those were my favorite parts of History on Wheels.

I think I loved the dentist/medicine day the best. It was the best because it was so fascinating to see all the different materials they used to use and how some are still being used today. Their medicine and dentist equipment is a little similar to today's. It was a pleasure to be with you and learn about History on Wheels.

Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us about colonial history and what it was like to be there. My favorite thing that you did with us was colonial medicine. I thought it was so cool the way they would take care of the illness. It was awesome that you actually had the herbs, remedies, and tools that colonial doctors had. I also liked the time that you came and played the board game with us. I love the fact that every time you come you bring exciting new stories. History on Wheels was an activity unlike any other.

Students from Anna Devine School said:

My favorite game was the board game. I liked it because we got to get information.

My favorite lesson was the last one when we played the board game as a whole fourth grade.

The board game I liked because it was fun and we learned a lot. Thanks.

I liked this (Scalpel and Sage) because I was the helper for you.

I liked when you gave me two big sheep brushes with sheep wool on it. Then you let me scrape them together. Then when I was done you let me keep some of the wool. I remember you said it has an oil in it.

The game was awesome.

I really liked how you gave us names and clothes.

My favorite two lessons were going back in time and drawing with ink.

My favorite time you came was when you brought the quill pen. We got to write in a different language which was fun.

The time you gave us clothes and the time we had to dress up in colonial dress. And, the board game.

My favorite program is the one where there were quills and ink because I got to write and learn a new language.

I liked the time when you gave us coal. I liked that because it felt powdery and sticky, and no one knew what it was.

Students from Hagan Elementary School said:

I had a lot of fun and I want to do it again. I learned a lot about the Dutch. I liked the costumes and the yoke. I would like to learn more.

Thank you so much!! I wish you could come in every week! Or even better every day! Who knew the Dutch were so useful? I loved the story about Chloe! All of your stories were so funny.

Thank you for teaching us last week. Now I know a lot of the stuff about the Dutch people. We had a fun time that day.

Thank you for coming into our class and teaching us about history. I thought your stories were cool. It was also cool that we got to dress up and get names.

Thank you for all the special activities you did with me and my classmates. The funest part of the activity was telling your story and playing that game.

I had fun learning about history! I learned a lot. I learned that chores were "fun." I learned that boys had to wear dresses until they were 6! History on Wheels should keep going. I learned too many things to write down! This is a very educational program. Mr. Albert, you are very smart!

Thank you for coming in and teaching our class about the Dutch people who lived before we did. We learned many things about our state's history. I learned that the Dutch people invented many things that we have today, like dolls and drinking tea with sugar inside it. There is a lot of vocabulary that l learned too. I learned that "kill" in Spackenkill or Fishkill means river or body of water. It was very fun playing the games and dressing up like real Dutch people. As you can see, our class had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

Thank you for teaching all that amazing information! I learned a lot more than I already knew.

Thank you for teaching us about history. I learned a lot of new facts. I loved being able to dress up. I thought the hats were cool. I LOVED the story in the beginning.

Thank you for coming in to our class and teaching us about Dutch people and how they lived and their culture.

When you came I had a great time. Me and my class said that we learned a lot from you and would love to do it again sometime soon. I think kids in the 4th grade should do this again next year. I am writing this note to say thank you for teaching me and my class interesting facts about the Dutch and mostly the Dutch children.

I was really interested in the ring around the rosey and what it used to be. I also liked the family feud game.

You made me laugh when you were telling us jokes and stories. You taught me many things I didn't know like that boys wore dresses when they were young. The games were fun and I liked the stories you told. You taught us many facts about the Netherlands kids. I was surprised when I saw that ring around the rosy is a game when you die from a disease. This is an experience I will never forget.

Thank you for teaching me about the Dutch. I am part Dutch. I loved when you told us stories and about golf.

Thank you for coming over to my school. I hope you will come again next year. I enjoyed learning about the Dutch. One of the things I like the most was learning that Ring Around the Rosie wasn't always a game. I also like learning that chores were fun for Dutch children. I don't find chores very fun.

Students from Sheafe Road Elementary School said:

Mr. Albert teaches Social Studies in a fun way.

He is a smart man to learn from.

He makes learning fun.

Tells interesting stories that teaches us things.

Makes Social Studies not boring, makes it fun because he spices it up.

He's humorous and teaches us a lot.

It really is fun!

Very interesting.

You learn so many new facts.

You can enjoy and learn at the same time.

He gets you to interact and want to be a part of the program.

I really liked being able to see what people did in the 18th century for healing and prevention of illnesses.

Mr. Albert made learning fun.

I liked the presentation and I got to take part in the learning experience.

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