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Last Family Standing:

Last Family Standing: GRAND FINALE
Teachers who schedule all six History on Wheels programs will have the option to add the FREE Last Family Standing culminating activity to each program. It is similar to the educational quiz-game Last Family Standing used in the New Netherlands' Children program. At the conclusion of each program the student's "families" adopted in New Netherlands' Children are asked questions about both the most current program and those previously presented. By using this spiral learning approach students have fun while accumulating and retaining knowledge.

Time Needed: 30 minutes     Grade Level: mainly 4th

Canals to the Hudson photo

At the end of the school year a Last Family Standing GRAND FINALE, for all fourth Graders, is held in the school auditorium. History on Wheels questions, mixed with teacher quires, are asked until there is only one family standing to receive a round of applause.

Time Needed: 90 minutes     Grade Level: 4th

New Netherlands' Children photo

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